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The Mission of the Association
To promote a robust oil and gas industry and to advocate for comprehensive, science-based policies, and effective and transparent market principles; for the benefits of all Guyanese.
  • Identifying and educating our members of the challenges and opportunities confronting our industry.
  • Encouraging and projecting a unity of purpose among our members.
  • Educating the general public, elected and appointed representatives about the importance of the industry.
  • Protecting and improving both the business and natural environment of our country.
  • Accountability, integrity and professionalism of our members will advance and advocate the cause of the industry. The commitment and high ethical values of our members will ensure that the association act in the best interests of Guyana, its people and its future.
To promote and protect a strong, competitive and capable independent oil and gas industry in Guyana; through advocacy, collaboration and education.

  1. To promote and represent the interests of all Guyanese service providers to the Oil and Gas industry in Guyana including drilling contractors, service companies, manufacturers, distributors, professional firms, financial institutions, consultants, engineers, pipelines providers, end users, royalty owners, and others with interests in the exploitation of Oil and Gas production in Guyana.
  2. To protect, promote, foster and advance the interests of all Guyanese involved in all aspects of Oil and Gas production in Guyana.
  3. To promote, protect, ensure transparency, fair competition and equitable distribution of the benefits of the exploitation of Guyana's Oil and Gas resources
  4. To be the advocacy body for service/product providers and producers alike, to contribute to policy formulation in cooperation with the regulatory agencies and government, to facilitate opportunities for all stakeholders and streamline procedures for efficient operation.
  5. To be the clearing house for discussion of issues affecting the performance of the sector with the government and regulatory agencies.
  6. To provide and coordinate training opportunities or related industries in Guyana.
  7. To engage with the government, governmental agencies and all other industries related; on matters affecting the local sector.
  8. To advocate for legislative and other regulatory interventions for the improvement and protection of the industry for the benefit of local business and citizenry.
  9. To be a clearing house and advocacy body for issues affecting producers and locally based service/product providers.
  10. To be the point of contact and source of information on local service and product providers for producers. To whit; the association will establish a database of potential service/product providers, contact information and relevant contact persons in the respective companies. Due diligence on providers' standards will be the responsibility of the client.
  11. To create awareness, educate and facilitate contact between providers and producers in order to facilitate the maximization of all potential benefits from oil and gas exploration or development in Guyana for Guyanese.
  12. To promote and protect the environment impacted upon by the exploitation of the Oil and Gas resources in Guyana.
  13. To promote, advocate, secure, prioritize and protect the provision of employment for Guyanese in the Oil Gas industry
  14. To receive and distribute an information exchange system to assist and promote research in Oil and Gas and related fields at tertiary level institutions in Guyana.
  15. To inform members of seminars, conferences and trade missions.
  16. To organize regular meetings and arrange speakers where necessary and appropriate.
  17. To promote the company, its objects and the advantages of ocean industry development to the general public.
  18. To watch over the local administration of the laws and regulations affecting ocean industry development and generally assist any organization or authority connected therewith.
  19. To undertake and engage in technical, statistical and scientific research in all commercial, industrial and scientific fields.
  20. To engage in the investigation and development of products, methods of manufacture and distribution.
  21. To provide to the members and shareholders experts competent to express opinions, give advice, undertake administrative services and give expert testimony and arbitral services in all matters involving ocean industry development and any other object of the company.
  22. To hold conferences, meetings and exhibitions for the discussion and exchange of views in matters of interest to the association.
  23. To print and publish any articles, periodicals, books or leaflets that the company may think desirable for the promotion of its objects